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If you are receiving support through the Go Succeed service, you might be eligible to receive a grant which could help you take your business to the next level.

We will fund up to 70% of costs for capital and/or revenue items up to a maximum of £4,000. The grant could help you purchase a piece of specialist machinery to automate your production line to help increase overall productivity or computer software that will help you digitalise your day-to-day tasks to improve overall efficiency.

Are you eligible for a grant?
How to apply for a Grant
What a grant can do for you?
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Are you eligible for a grant?
How to apply for a Grant
What a grant can do for you?
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As well as receiving support through the Go Succeed service you must also:

Be actively trading at the time of application within your Council area
Have completed at least 50% of your mentoring before you apply
Have identified a barrier to growth which can be addressed by this grant (i.e. need)
Be/have the potential to become an employer enterprise or social economy enterprise with a minimum of 1 full-time employee and a maximum of fewer than 50 full time employees, including the business owner(s)

If you think you could be eligible for a grant, please contact your mentor and they will be able to advise.

What can or can't be funded with the Go Succeed grant?

Examples of eligible expenditure include the below items which can be linked to creating new jobs and/or introducing approaches leading to boosting productivity, to access to new markets and improved business performance.

New equipment / machinery that contributes towards business productivity growth or efficiency

Mobile machinery, such as scissor lifts, forklifts, ride-on lawnmowers

Computer equipment & software (outright purchase only, on-going license fees ineligible)

Web development / e-commerce websites

Marketing / brand development

Specialist Consultancy costs (which cannot be provided for through the wider Go Succeed service or another external agency), e.g., Energy efficiency improvements and digital transformation

Attendance at trade shows / exhibitions / market visits to create market exposure and sales opportunities (could be linked with targeting a new export market)

The following items cannot be funded under the service:

Businesses who have already been awarded the maximum Go Succeed grant amount of £4000

Equipment/services that are eligible for funding through another service (e.g., Digital Transformation Flexible Fund, Invest NI, InterTrade Ireland)

Retrospective expenditure (e.g. where services/items have already been obtained and paid in advance of a signed Letter of Offer)

Motorised vehicles, including vans, lorries, cars, boats, bikes, quads or any other form of motorised mobile vehicles that can used as a means of transport

Second-hand or refurbished equipment, where like for like quotations cannot be obtained

General maintenance or refurbishment works

Servicing of existing equipment

Capital Improvements, building works, refurbishments (i.e. of any residential property or commercial property)

Training costs where it is not part of the funded project

Labour costs not directly associated with the installation of purchased equipment /capital works or build of websites

Hire purchase arrangements

Any activity or action that is a statutory requirement of your business (e.g. for Health and Safety purposes such as Personal Protective Equipment) or the responsibility of another government department

Activities which are party-political in intention, use or presentation

Alcohol, gratuities, gifts, and prizes

Costs that are not auditable (for example, cash payments)

Purchase of stock for general trading purposes

Business running costs (for example, staff costs, rent, rates, electric, insurance, stock)

Consumable items used by businesses that are replaced regularly because they wear out or are used up (for example, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, visors, high-visibility vests for staff, printer ink)

Staff Uniforms or clothing, including personal protective items

On-going Licence Fees Loan Repayments, Bank interest charges, referral fees and foreign currency transaction charges. Costs that can be claimed back from elsewhere (for example, VAT)

Please note this list is not exhaustive. Please ask your mentor if you have any queries.

Still not sure? Contact us and we may be able to help you.

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