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Peer Support Networks

What is a Peer Support Network?

A peer support network (PSN) is a place where individuals with shared experiences or challenges come together to provide mutual support, encouragement, and assistance. These networks are designed to be vital platforms for businesses to connect and gain insights from similar sectors and role models within their industry.

Themes for these networks can be developed quickly in response to any commonly identified needs within groups of clients and are delivered in-person or online to cater to participants’ diverse preferences and accessibility.

Go Succeed Peer Support Networks

Whichever stage of business you’re at, our PSN’s enable you to come together in a forum where everyone can share ideas and best practices or discuss any challenges your peers have encountered to find out how you can avoid making the same mistakes. You can help shape the agenda of the session and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the conversation openly and freely.

PSN sessions are no more than two hours in length and you can sign up to these in the same way as you do for an event or masterclass.

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